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Pipe Bands:

local (well, sorta)

Kalamazoo Pipe Band - Kalamazoo, MI

Glen Erin Pipe Band - Lansing, MI
Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band - Grand Rapids, MI


Windsor Police Pipe Band - The areas top band
Detroit St. Andrew's Pipes and Drums - Grade III
Fort Wayne Scottish Pipes and Drums
Michigan Scottish
White Pine Pipes and Drums
The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment - Lafayette, Indiana


78th Fraser Highlanders (Canada) - First non-Scottish band to win the World's (1987)
Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band (Ireland) - World Champions in 1992, 1993 and 2002
Simon Fraser University Pipe Band (Canada) - World Champions in 1995, 1996 and 1999
Victoria Police Pipe Band (Australia) - 1998 World Champions
The House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band (Scotland) - World Champions 1994, 1997, 2000 and 2003

Triumph Street Pipe Band - Vancouver, B.C.

Stockbridge Pipe Band - Edinburgh - They took in Cameron MacLeod during his Junior Term in Scotland

Listing of World Champions by Year

General Listings

Montie's List of Pipe Band Web Pages - The complete collections of pipe band web sites
Angus Og's World Pipe Band Listings! - Information on who WON the World's over the years
Dr. Dan Reid Memorial Invitational Solo Piping Competition
GS McLennan Memorial Invitational Piping Competition

Bagpipe Band Associations: (general link)

Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations
Eastern United States Pipe Band Association
Midwest Pipe Band Association
Southern United States Pipe Band Association
Western U. S. Pipe Band Association
Piper and Pipe Band Society of Ontario
Piping/Drumming Schools of Instruction: (general link)
The Balmoral School of Piping and Drumming - various locations around the US
The Ontario School of Piping - Jim McGillivray, Ken Eller and friends
???The Invermark College of Piping
The Piping Centre - in Glasgow
The College of Piping
Coeur d'Alene Summer School of Piping and Drumming -Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Piping/Drumming Publications:
International Pipe Band Drummer - one of a kind
Piper and Drummer Magazine - a quarterly publication of the Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario with excellent reviews and articles for all highland musicians.
???Piping World Magazine -  a new publication
The Voice Online - the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association
Bagpipe Music: ( general link )

Copyright Stuff - It's a good link on a tough topic.

Searchable sources

tune locations (written and recorded sources for tunes)

Bagpipe Tune Title Search Page - WOW - written music AND recording listings!!
Ceolas: TuneIndex Search - locate the written source of most pipe tunes
The TuneWeb - another reference source!
The ALB International Great Highland Bagpipe Discography - find out what's on the recordings
Jo Morrison's Lists of Piobaireachd sources and Bagpipe recordings tunes
Bruce Olson's web site - sources for ancient folk tunes - lotsa other stuff too.


The Mudcat Cafe (home of Digitrad ) - searchable lyrics with melodies
Folk Music Index - a bit of everything
Scottish (and other) Folksongs - more lyrics
Words to Popular Pipe Tunes
Words for Popular Tunes's Music of Scotland
Music Book References

Highland Harmonies

Music on-line - real tunes, some original

The New Century Collection - A collection of tunes from the RMMB - Tune #1 is my own composition

Murray Pipes & Drums of Gothenburg

Drummer's Den
Bagpipe Music by Ned Smith - Some very nice original tunes (especially Jill's Endeavor !)
MWPBA Massed Band Tunes - in BMW format.

All Things Scottish
Bagpipes At Best - A HUGE midi library

Viper Piper - Everything in every format
Twin Cities Metropolitan Pipe Band
1600 Tunes - in BMW format]

Ross's Music Page - vintage MP3s of some of the greats
Murray Pipes and Drums - in Lillypond Format

Piobaireachd specific information

The MacCrimmon Enigma & Piobaireachd. by Dr B. J. Maclachlan Orme.
Lismore - some fine notes on piobaireach as well as a list of their recordings
Canntaireach - The Murray Pipes & Drums of Gothenburg put together this terrific summary!

Musical Fundamentals

Ricci Adam's MusicTheory.Net - a great place to learn everything from basics through intermediate theory


Bagpipe Music Writer - Robert MacNeil Musicworks program for writing bagpipe music
How to use the DOS version efficiently in Windows 95/98 - Tip #1??? , Tip #2???

Bagpipe Reader by Doug Wickstrom - This program is very similar to the Bagpipe Music Writer Gold program below, but incorporates some bug-fixes.  It is fully functional and posted as shareware. 

ABC Homepage - a universal, open, freeware format
Ewan MacPherson has a terrific listing of all piping software. He's even written some!

Bagpipe Tune File Converter Freeware - Dougie Lindsay

Lillypond - and bagpipe extensions

Recording Labels

Bagpipe music including MP3 downloads
Lismore - recordings, music books and some fine notes on piobaireach as well
Green Linnet Records

Tutorial Information

Lyon College Tutorials by Jimmy Bell
Online tutorial
Flash Cards for Note Recognition
Boise Highlanders Tutorial with Video
Jori Chisolm's Site
Informational Pages:


Steve MacLeod's Bagpipe Question and Answer Pages - over 100 topics in Q&A format from the former P/M of the KPB! - lots of maintenance, repair and moisture control as well as general topical information for the expert and interested consumer.

The Bagpipe Web - lots of classified ads ???, and links
The Bagpipe Web FAQ - complete with vendors and makers and lots of good stuff! - teachers, players, bands, links, info, classifieds , and more! - another fine resource with many tips

Discussion Groups

Bob Dunsire Forums - This is a high quality discussion site moderated by pipers and drummers.   You can read without being registered.

Pipe Band Forums - A new discussion site.  You'll need to be registered to read.

DelphiForums - Another active discussion site which is a bit "looser", but very safe.

Pipers Nook - A well thought out, highly structured site could use a bit more traffic. - Once over 1000 pipers on line with advice and chat, it became a bully pulpit for those with nothing better to do than insult, rant and profane. The RMMB is now a wasteland where only a few people go. (If this link doesn't work, you may not have a newsgroup server, see below.) If you tough out the flames, you may eventually get an intelligent answer. ( FAQ and here - not sure which is which)

If you don't have a newsgroup server, you can still join in the fray. Click hyperlink to read on Google in date sorted format (100 most recent first).

PIPERS-L - a very congenial, friendly, moderated list - contact Kenton Adler - An interesting and interactive group put together by Bob Norris. The level of discussion depends upon who is there.

The Bagpipe Message Board - This is a VoyForum which is meant for informational and educational purposes only. It seems to meet those goals.

Piping Unlimited Group

The "old" Bagpipe list from Dartmouth - just the archives

Yahoogroups - This is a way to set up a site for discussion in your band!

Amateurbagpipemakers - a Yahoo group dedicated to what you'd think!!

Care and Feeding (maintenance) -

Hobgolin Music's page
Ross Bates Reed and Chanter Tuning

Field Guide to Identification

Ringo's (Ron Bowen) Bagpipe Pages - neat pictures of old pipes including the twin to my old Henderson's
David Williams Field Guide - send him a photo or a link and help out..

Hallmark Guide and Database
Glasgow Hallmarks from Ringo

Different styles of engraving

Identifying Different Types of Ivory

Identifying Drone Reeds - Andrew Lenz's contributions

Make your own ( general link )

Bagpipe Plans/Hints:

The Bagpipe Project - John Brocks site for making your own pipes
Garrit Raith's Page - blueprints for pipes and electronics
Scottish Smallpipes - make your own from PVC
Northumbrian Smallpipes
Casey Burns on Making Bagpipes

David Quinn's Site for Uilleann Pipemaking


African Blackwood Conservation Project
West Penn Hardwoods - a great source for turning blanks

Imitation Ivory - Cameron Hardiman
Tagua Nuts - Vegatable "Ivory"
Ivory Nut Palm - rumored to be the source of "Ivory Plus" - get the > 2.5" size

Wood Turning Lathe


Anita Evan's site for making Smallpipe Reeds

Uilleann Pipes Reed Making Guide
Seth Gallagher's Uilleann Reed Making Workshop - tips for broader use, too
Gordon Speir's paper on making bagpiping reeds - complete with diagrams for tools
Double Reed Business Sites - if you're brave enough, you'll need these resources
Reed Making Machine Tools - when you're ready for the big time!

Casey Burns on Making Plastic Reeds
Rocket Reeds
Carbon Tech Reeds - The In's and Out's

Cases -

Yoshifumick Og MacCrimmori's Case - in quintessential Japanese Style
Dennis Havlena's Case -
Gary Gifford's Case -
Hardware for Professional Cases - Make your own!
VIA Bowling Products -

Kit -

Even guys can make a kilt! I've made a couple.

Rodgers DIY and the Ghastly version
R.E. Glover's Instructions

Jan Bruyndonckx's Instructions
Library References:


Misc -

Chris Erye's Piping Pages - Great How-To's in his workshops

Other kinds of pipes

The Lowland and Borders Piper's Society
Troy Sagrillo's "Wonderful World of Bagpipes" - ??? many non-GHBs and other interesting info
NA PIOBAIRI UILLEANN (The Uilleann Pipers) - info on the Irish small-pipes
Uilleann Pipes Obsession Page - What it says!
Northumbrian Smallpipes Homepage/Catalogue - info on the English small-pipes
Alan's Wacky World of Bagpipes - Every kind imaginable
The Universe Of Bagpipes - nice close-ups of many varieties


The Private Piper's Collection of Pictures
The Piper's Page Collection

Tutorial Information

Online tutorial
Personal Pages:

Steve MacLeod - Piping, instruction and piping advice in Kalamazoo MI

Iain Macey - An incredible piper, international competitor, teacher and piobaireachd resource in Parma, MI
Ewan MacPherson's Hot Piping Page - Piping, instruction and a nice collection of information in Ann Arbor, MI
Ringo's (Ron Bowen) Bagpipe Pages - an amazing amount of wisdom and a GREAT book!
Chris Erye's Piping Pages - Great How-To's in his workshope
Chris Hamilton's Page - Drone Czar for City of Washington PB, now in Private Business. Great resource.
Pipey's Corner - Solid information from Iain Sherwood of Cuillinn Craft

David Daye's Bagpipe Page - a wealth of information for everyone - most educational
Barry Ewen - an incredible wealth in photos of soloists and bands
Chris Fowler's Piper's Corner - a broad site with tunes, shareware listings and smallpiper directory
David Williams - contains the "field guide" to the pipes

North American Pipers Series - a series of biographies!


Canadian Bagpipe Links
Chanterman's Humor
Gallowglassian Humor
The Big Page of Bagpipe Humour
Angus Og
Alien Times
James Cheetham's Page


Alma Highland Festival - Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend every year
Detroit St. Andrews Highland Festival - in Livonia on 1st Saturday in August each year
Kalamazoo Scottish Festival - the Saturday in August on the weekend before Labor day
Midwest PBA Games - check this link for other games in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan


A general listing

Highland Dancing:


David Coulter's School of Scottish Highland Dancing
HighlandNet's Highland Dance Page
Hugh MacPherson's Highland Dance Page
Tartan Pages Dance Page
The highland dances
What is Highland Dance?
Highland dance
Scottish Highland Dancing
Highland Dance with the 42nd's
The Scottish Stepdance Company


Highland and scottish step dance resource pages


Hullachan Pro Dance Shoes
Highland Dancing for Dummies
Browne's Scottish Imports--Footwear: Ghillies
Avriel International Dancewear
Scotsocks -The internet sock company.
Knitting instructions for hose
"There is a lady in Richmond Hill Ont that knits the hose and does an excellent job. Her business is THE SOCK LADY her name is Marg Tomlinson. Her phone number is 905 889 9403."
Gaelic Themes Scotland - manufacturers of lots of hose and shoes
Highland Drumming:


Drumming.TK - Scott Niven's site for all manner of Pipe Band drumming
The Drummer's Den
Bagad Kemperle's Drumming Discussion Rooms
Sidedrum - subscribe to the mail-list


Drum Beater - an informative site for Scottish drumming
The Drumming Web - classified ads and links
International Pipe Band Drummer - this makes a great gift!
Where to Stick It - great links
The Highland Drumming Index

Bass and tenor
Tenor and Bass Drum Maintenance ???- also sections on Bass Drumming ???and Tenor Drumming ???
Bass Drum Tuning ???- David Enete
Tuning Kick Drums - Dave Furlani
Muffelt - More on tuning using this product
Tuning Tips - for snares, toms and basses


The Bodhrán Page
Percussion Links

Scottish Folk Performers

Battlefield Band - Traditional Scottish Folk Band
Carl Peterson

Scottish Organizations:

Scottish Society of Southwest Michigan - has been very outgoing -
Kalamazoo Caledonian Society - now defunct
Clan MacLeod Society
The soc.culture.scottish FAQ - information on EVERYTHING
Scottish Clan and Families - a place to learn about your clan or someone elses!
U.S. Scots - Homepage of the Scottish American Community
Scottish Club of Windsor
Celtic Mist - links to all things Scottish
Scotland's Internet
Heraldry on the Internet
The Gathering of the Clans Home Page

Gaelic Language Resources

Dictionary of the Gaelic Language - Alexander McBain's
Free Online Language Courses
Gaelic Society of America
Scottish Gaelic Software
Scottish Gaelic language resources


Highlander Web Magazine
Scots Magazine and their Quiz
Scottish Internet Radio


Angus Og - A funny guy, especially Puckermuck Cove
The Celtic Calendar
Celtic Cross Stitch - with free text generator
The Celtic Connection - 10 issues annually from Vancouver
Dunblane Memorial Site - The KPB participated in this worldwide event
House of Tartan - Tartan Finder
Nick Wedds Tartan Generator - This is an amazing tool for anyone doing graphical work!!
Boy Scout Tartan Generator - nicely done for single repeat

Medieval Coats of Arms - plagues, mugs, embossers and embroidery
Mrs. Morrison's Shortbread
Nessie on the Net
Scottish National Anthem Contest
Unicorn Books - including music, many are out of print.
Jokes about musicians
NASGA -North American Scottish Games Athletics Web Site
Highland Athletic Associations
The Great Sound Contest - a ranking of chanters and reeds
The Whiskey Web
The Famous Grouse
Patterns for Kilts, Shirts and Jackets Link#1, Link#2, Link#3
The Original Piper's Pen - really nice pens, letter openers, etc.

Miscellaneous links

Swannanoa Gathering
Barry Ewen's Links
The Rampant Lion's Page of Links - folklore and more!
Even More Links

Manufacturers (Bagpipes, reeds, drums, kilts and more) ( general link )


Cameron Bagpipes
Peter Crisler
Cushing Bagpipe
Dunbar Bagpipes
Dunfion Bagpipes
Gibson Bagpipes
Gillanders and MacLeod
Alastair Gray
R.G. Hardie and Company
Hughes Bagpipes
Inveran Bagpipe Company
C.E. Kron
The Sound of Kyle
Macleod Highland Supplies
MacMurchie Bagpipes
Michael MacHarg
MacLellan Bagpipes
MacLeod Bagpipes
MacPherson Bagpipes
Morton Bagpipes
Murray Bagpipes
David Naill Bagpipes
Robert Wallace: Naill Smallpipes
Pettigrew Bagpipes
Saint Kilda - (no website yet, made in Glasgow?)
William Sinclair & Son
R.T. Shepherd and Son
Ray Sloan
Somers Bagpipes
John Walsh Shuttle Pipes

Reed makers ( general link )

EzeeDrone -

Kinnaird -
Mark Wygent Reeds, Ltd. -
Colin R. MacLellan -
Henderson Reedmakers
Ross Bagpipe Reeds Pty.Ltd. -
Plastic Drone Reeds by Iain Indian & Colin V. Cairns -
Smart Drone Reeds -

Other bits

BeckPipes - bellows, valves, aluminum ssps, more
Bennett Pipe Bags
Ross Bagpipe Reeds Pty.Ltd.

David Marshall Silverworks
Sterling Silver Bagpipe Fittings
World's Finest Practic Chanters
The Canmore Pipe Bag
ReedWrangler Products - Ergonomic Mouthpiece and Simple Cartridge system.

Colin Winstanley - Universal Blowpipe (ball joint!)
Gannaway Pipe Bag


Deger Pipes - midi and audio e-pipes
Master Gaita - midi only instrument - requires midi controller
Fagerstrom Electronic Practic Chanter - not midi, audio only
Electronic Practice Chanter
Garrit Raith's Page - blueprints for pipes and electronics

KORG® USA ONLINE - needle based tuners
Peterson Tuners - stroboscopic tuners


Premier Drums - makers of HTS-200's and HTS-700's - they just don't mention it on their site!!
Pearl Corporation
Andante Drums

Vic Firth - sticks
XL Specialty Percussion, Inc. - cases and carriers
Tama - tuners

Highland dress

Ann Stewart - Kilt Maker, extraordinaire
Kilts Direct
Scottish Modern Enterprises - (708)594-5773 - great rentals - no web info yet
The Soctland Yard - rental

Caberdancer - Clan MacBubba Gear!

Vendors ( general link#1 and general link#2 )
(this is a listing of those I've used and/or considered, not a blanket recommendation)

Aberdeen Bagpipe Supply
The British Shop
Burnett's & Struth Scottish Regalia Ltd.
Cameron's Drumming Studio - no E-links - (519)576-6847
Celtic Fire, Ltd.
Ceol Sean - Antique Bagpipe Music Books on CD
Crawley Bros. Highland Supply Co. , Cleveland, Ohio
Cuillinn Craft
Coyne Celtic Imports ???
The Gentleman Cobbler
Geoffrey (Tailor) Highland Crafts Limited ??? - Great quality
Glasgow Music Centre - check out Kerr's catalog for bagpipe music
Henderson Imports Limited
Highland Bagpipe Services Limited - ???
Highland Express - lots of dance supplies and more
Hugh MacPherson of Scotland, Ltd. - information about Scottish culture, too.
J. Higgins, Ltd.
L&M Highland Outfitters - Joe and Peg MacLean
Lark in the Morning
Little Scotland

Macleod Highland Supplies
Mark Humphey's Highland Drumming Supplies - Email only or (412) 824-7816
McGillivray Piping Partnerships
Mid-East Mfg., Inc. - Pakistan
Midwest Bagpipe Supply
Montana Celtic Treasures
Pipers Cove
RAMPANT LION CELTIC TRADERS - a most complete source and great prices on recordings
Rocky Mountain Highland Supply
Rhthym Industries - Pakistan
Sandy St. James
Scottish Modern Enterprises - (708)594-5773 - great rentals -
no web info yet
Scot's Den
Scott's Highland Services, Ltd.
Scottish Store - lots of neat stuff at great prices
Song of the Sea
Tartantown Bagpipes and Scottish Store Run by Terry Lee of SFU - support them and the discussion forum!
Tone Czar - Chris Hamilton is a fantastic piper and knows his stuff
Unicorn Unlimited - Scotpress prints many out of date/print books
Wee Hoose of Supplies, Ltd. Personal Currency Assistant